Workshop February 2020

Two workshops took place. We presented KOMPETENSMETODEN – WFC’s new digital platform based on our model for inclusive recruitment, which we have built during our project Working For Change Matters.

-During the first workshop, company directors and managers from both the public and private sectors met and discussed how this platform could help them with their own recruitment process and help secure a more inclusive workplace.

HR specialists and recruiters also took part in the discussion, which extended the employer’s

perspective approach.

**We have invited participants, who have a leading role in their respective companies and organisations, to test our platform and our self-analysis tool with regard to their own recruitment processes. Getting feedback and constructive comments from a user’s experience is very important for us and for future activities.

If you or someone else in your organisation would also like to try the test, please do not hesitate to contact us (see below).

-In the second workshop, a group of academics with different professional backgrounds and origins took part in a new exchange on the same topic. Following the presentation, we also got the opportunity to listen to individual experiences in the labour market. It was a very enriching conversation that gave us new perspectives from the candidate’s point of view. So many incredible talents attended the workshop, and the atmosphere was truly dynamic!

?If you would like to join us next time, or know someone who would like to participate, do not hesitate to contact us either on Linkedin (Rodrigo Garay, MBA, or Emmanuelle Floquet), or via email at

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