Workshop January 2020

Our first workshop: brainstorming exercise for a course based on the WFC model

(Moderator:Leila El-Sherif Wollheim)

Together with very committed participants and members of our Reference Group, we have taken the first steps towards a new area in our project:

A course that will be based on WFC’s unique model for inclusive recruitment.

During this workshop, all participants offered to share their reflections in a brainstorming session, and started discussing possible structures and contents for a training course concept.

Different perspectives and formats were presented in the search for a well-functioning program.

We are very grateful for everyone’s input and support in promoting competence-based recruitment free from discrimination.

The organisations that took part were: Kantar Sifo, HRM Affärsutveckling AB, Talentia, IRIS, Arbetsförmedlingen, Hammer och Hanborg, Academic Search International and Arbetsgivarverket.

?If you would like to join us next time, or know someone who would like to participate, do not hesitate to contact us either on Linkedin (Rodrigo Garay, MBA, or Emmanuelle Floquet), or via email at

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